The Animal, Tree, and Homeless Campaign Aims.

Definition: HUMANE: Humane does not cause discomfort, injury or killing of animals.

The following is our belief only without prejudice:


  1. Save Sydney’s Trees And Animals.

  2. We believe that people should be encouraged to be vegan. Our policy is for our members to become vegan eventually.

  3. We will try to teach people how to be vegan.

  4. We believe the vegan diet will save the worlds animals, trees, people and the environment.

  5. We believe that people should be encouraged to look after their health.

  6. We believe there should be compassionate, free and accessible physical and mental health, and advocacy services, available to everyone in Australia

  7. We believe there should be free and accessible drug, alcohol, gambling and other addiction rehabilitation services, available to everyone.

  8. We believe that hospitals should have less than 30 minute waiting periods in casualty.

  9. We believe that there should be a tax on junk food.

  10. We believe there should be a ban on advertising on junk food and gambling, similar to the ban on cigarette advertising.

  11. We believe young people should be trained in life skills including budgeting, saving, cooking, safe driving, home ownership, self-defence classes, and all life skills that will ensure a happy life.

  12. We should make it illegal worldwide to trade in, purchase or own any endangered species of animal or plant.

  13. Build public housing accommodation for Australia’s homeless. To cure homelessness in Australia and stimulate the economy, federal, state, local and private benefactors should build at least 1 or 2 million government houses for the low income and homeless.

  14. We believe that there should be a basic living wage paid to everyone regardless of circumstances, employment or other.

  15. We believe that there should be a continuous audit of homeless services by homeless people to make sure that all services deliver a polite, respectful and satisfactory service to the homeless.

  16. We believe that we should stop unstainable immigration. Unsustainable immigration causes a shortage of public housing, and a shortage of home ownership. Home ownership out of reach of post baby-boomers, overcrowded cities, overloading hospitals, welfare and accommodation services, and overcrowded roads and public transport and environmental destruction.

  17. Save The World’s Trees and Animals.

  18. End global poverty and homelessness.

  19. To have biodegradable shopping bags and food packaging. Ban non-recyclable products.

  20. Ban all non-biodegradable waste and pollution.

  21. We believe that there should be free family planning and contraception

  22. To aim to make rodeo, circuses and other animal performing type industries more humane.

  23. We aim to ban the tagging and mutilation of all animals.

  24. Ban the killing of animals.

  25. Ban the non-humane trapping of animals.

  26. Ban referring to animals as pests, protein or food.

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