Take Action

The NSW and Federal Liberal governments are killing and mutilating over 1,400 Sydney Shade Trees, including ANZAC Commemorative trees, for the Sydney Light Rail project.

Shame Parade

At a cost to taxpayers of over $3 Billion to install and operate 30 light rail vehicles, the project will also cut public transport and increase traffic congestion.

Solve Traffic Congestion! 

BUSES ARE FLEXIBLE, Light Rail is not.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 21.56.11

We believe that cancelling the light rail project will:

• Save 200 trees (some, 150 year old)
• Save endangered wildlife in the trees
• Save Aboriginal Artefacts.
• Save Shade for Sydney People.
• Save 37 million Customers that will be lost to Sydney Per Year.
• Save Sydney Small Businesses.
• Save NSW $3 Billion by having Electric Buses.

How YOU can help:

  • Telephone The Prime Minister (02) 6277 7700
  • Telephone The NSW Premier (02) 8574 5000
  • Telephone The Federal Labor Leader (02) 6277 4022
  • Telephone The NSW Labor Leader (02) 9230 2310

Say whatever you want, but as a guide, ask to leave a message for the leader, and say something like “I want you to cancel the light rail project, save $3 Billion taxpayer money, and have electric buses instead. For $3 Billion we can buy 6,000 buses instead of 30 trams. The money we can save can be used to build schools and hospitals and fix our roads.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 22.54.28

Telephone Talkback Radio

  • 2GB 131873
  • 2SM 131269
  • ABC 1300 222 702
  • Call Radio and TV Stations, Write to Newspapers and post on social media.

We are looking for new group members and volunteers to join our campaign to save our trees, save $3 Billion, save our ANZAC trees, cancel the light rail project and have electric buses instead. You can download our full press release here: 

We need people to put posters in shop windows, hand out flyers, attend weekly vigils, rallies and other events. Whatever your special skills would be gratefully welcomed!

The March.

Membership is free. For more information or to volunteer, please call John on (02) 8958 3783 or email SaveTheTreesAndAnimalsCampaign@gmail.com

If you would like to donate, you can donate securely through Pay Pal, using the button below, or by direct debit. Please note, donations at present are not tax deductible, but you will receive a receipt for your donation.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Donations to NAB Account Name: Save The Trees And Animals
BSB: 082-001 Account Number: 72-304-7240

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