Take Action

Email The Premier Gladys Berejiklian

Telephone The Premier (02) 8574 5000

Email The Prime Minister

Telephone The Prime Minister (02) 6277 7700

Thank you so much for your help with Saving Sydney’s Trees And Animals!

The NSW State Liberal Government is currently killing Sydney’s Trees And Animals for the CBD and South East Light Rail Project. All up, over 871 significant and heritage listed trees are to be impacted, and over 1,400 trees in total. Only 900 small trees will be planted along the route as compensation. Our solution? Save Sydney’s Trees, Save Jobs, Save Businesses, Save $1 billion, and put the Light Rail Underground and finish the Eastern Suburbs Railway.

It would be sensational if you were able us help save our Sydney Trees and Animals, by making a couple of phone calls to put pressure on the government to save our trees.

1) Please Call the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian on (02) 8574 5000

2) Please Call the NSW Opposition Leader, Luke Foley on (02) 9230 2310

3) Please call three other people and ask them to call the NSW Premier, The NSW Opposition leader and 3 other people.

You may also like to text, email, tweet or put this message up on Facebook and Social Media also. The more people that call, the more impact we will have.

Thank you for Saving Sydney’s Trees And Animals!


Telephone for assistance and to assist us: Contact John Bellamy (02) 8958 3783

Donations to NAB Account Name: Save The Trees And Animals
BSB: 082-001 Acct No: 72-304-7240

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