Open Letter to Federal Politicians

Dear Federal Politicians, State Premiers and Territory Ministers, Australians are sick and tired of you looking after yourselves and your mates, when you should be looking after running our country and preserving our environment for people living 1000’s of years from now.

Developer Harry Triguboff offering NSW millions for light rail extension to Pagewood project – Daily Telegraph

DEVELOPER Harry Triguboff is offering the Baird ­government tens of millions of dollars to extend the CBD-Eastern suburbs light rail out to Westfield Eastgardens, at Pagewood, where he is building a massive development.

Sydney Light Rail: Transport Minister Approves Compensation for Small Business.

To apply for compensation, please contact the Transport Minister directly by telephoning (02) 8574 5807

‘Greedy’ Spanish contractors of the CBD to South East light rail want an extra $340 million for project – Daily Telegraph

THE Spanish contractor building the CBD to South East light rail project wants a whopping extra $340 million from the state government to finish the $2.1 billion project. And the government has so far countered with an offer less than $100 million, sources have confirmed to The Daily Telegraph.

Light rail company has bribery background – Daily Telegraph

The French company manufacturing and operating the trams for Sydney’s controversial $2 billion eastern suburbs light rail project has been at the centre of corruption charges in the UK and US and was fined $800 million last December after an FBI investigation into bribery.

Stop NSW Government WASTING $2B Rebuilding SFS & Olympic Stadiums

stop killing Sydney call Gladys Berejiklian 02 8574 5000

NSW Liberal Government refuses to help sleep deprived residents.

Residents of Kensington in Sydney, NSW have been putting up with sleep deprivation since February due to ongoing noisy night works associated with the Sydney Light Rail construction.

Berejeklian’s Light Rail to be caught short in peak hour – The Australian

When NSW Premier Gladys ­Berejiklian’s controversial $2.1 billion CBD light rail opens in 2019, it will have 1000 more people wanting to use it than what her Transport Minister has said is its capacity.

Minister wanted to dump light rail – The Australian

ANDREW CLENNELL THE AUSTRALIAN 12:00AM October 19, 2017 Soon after he became NSW Transport Minister, Andrew Constance asked bureaucrats what it would cost to dump Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s controversial $2.1 billion CBD light rail project and whether abandoning it was possible. Bureaucrats told him and his senior staff the contract signed by then transport minister … Continue reading Minister wanted to dump light rail – The Australian