An Open Letter to Lend Lease Chairman Michael J. Ullmer AO: Stop Killing Trees and Koalas Habitat for the Figtree Hill Development.

Open Letter to Lend Lease Chairman, Michael J. Ullmer AO requesting Lend Lease stop killing all trees for the Figtree Hill development near Campbelltown, Sydney Australia

Stop Lend Lease and The Australian Government Killing Koalas Habitat.

Lend Lease are killing thousands and thousands of trees in and around the habitat of the last healthy colony of Koalas in New South Wales Australia.

Koalas are likely to be extinct in NSW by 2050 unless all their habitat is protected.

Call Lend Lease CEO, Tony Lombardo on +612 9236 6111 or email to ask they protect all the trees and vegetation in the Gilead or Figtree Hill Development in Sydney, Australia.

Call The Australian Prime Minister Telephone the Australian Prime Minister:
02 6271 5111 or +61 2 6271 5111 (international).