March Tomorrow to Fix NSW

Tomorrow, over 70 environment groups of NSW will march to demonstrate our desire to conserve, protect and fix the NSW environment. We're looking for 3 volunteers to help carry Save The Trees And Animals Campaign banners.

Tell Us The Truth, Gladys!

Clear and Transparent Government? Since December 2016 the NSW  Government has been refusing to release the true facts on the estimated journey times and capacity of the light rail to support their wildly differing marketing claims. Why? We would like to invite you to the next directions hearing in the ongoing Sydney Light Rail freedom … Continue reading Tell Us The Truth, Gladys!

Open Letter to Federal Politicians

Dear Federal Politicians, State Premiers and Territory Ministers, Australians are sick and tired of you looking after yourselves and your mates, when you should be looking after running our country and preserving our environment for people living 1000’s of years from now.

Angry retailers confront Transport Minister over impact of light rail on business

Donate to The Animal, Tree and Homeless Campaign.

Stop NSW Government WASTING $2B Rebuilding SFS & Olympic Stadiums

stop killing Sydney call Gladys Berejiklian 02 8574 5000

Minister wanted to dump light rail – The Australian

The Animal, Tree And Homeless Campaign.


Soon after he became NSW Transport Minister, Andrew Constance asked bureaucrats what it would cost to dump Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s controversial $2.1 billion CBD light rail project and whether abandoning it was possible.

Bureaucrats told him and his senior staff the contract signed by then transport minister Ms Berejiklian was watertight and cancelling it would create “sovereign risk” and be too expensive, The Australian has learnt. Since then Mr Constance has had to make several announcements about the light rail line and praised it.

After the 2015 Coalition election win, Mr Constance was moved by former premier Mike Baird from Treasury to Transport, with Ms Berejiklian made treasurer, ahead of her becoming Premier less than two years later.

According to an account of one early meeting, Transport for NSW secretary Tim Reardon and other senior bureaucrats told Mr Constance there was “sovereign…

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Tonight’s meeting cancelled

Meeting tonight cancelled. Apologies, but tonight's meeting at the Randwick Labor Club has been cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience. Next meeting and final meeting for the year will be Wednesday 13th December 2017 at The Randwick Club 135 Alison Rd Randwick. Come and celebrate a great year with The Animal, Tree, and Homeless Campaign Christmas … Continue reading Tonight’s meeting cancelled

NSW Liberal Government refuses to help sleep deprived residents.

The Animal, Tree And Homeless Campaign.

Residents of Kensington in Sydney, NSW have been putting up with sleep deprivation since February due to ongoing noisy night works associated with the Sydney Light Rail construction.

Some nights, noise equivalent to the sound of jackhammering has continued on from 9pm at night until 6am in the morning. There are also huge potholes and bumps in ANZAC Parade, causing further noise and vibrations.

Today, when residents of Kensington called Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s office, to ask for alternate accommodation to be provided for nights when noisy work was occurring, the residents were told that there was nothing that her office could do to help.

Some of the residents are suffering severe mental health issues, there are elderly residents, parents with young children, and students studying for the HSC.

“How this government can be allowed to get away with this, is a bloody disgrace!” One resident said. “If this was happening…

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NSW Liberal Government refuses to help sleep deprived residents.

Residents of Kensington in Sydney, NSW have been putting up with sleep deprivation since February due to ongoing noisy night works associated with the Sydney Light Rail construction.

Land clearing rates in Queensland on par with Brazil, new study finds – ABC

The Animal, Tree And Homeless Campaign.


Queensland has been rated as a “contemporary hot spot” for land clearing and is on par with places like Brazil, a new study has found.

The paper published today has found the parts of Queensland that have been cleared the most in the past, are also being cleared the most now.

Remote areas including the Cape York Peninsula are also being cleared.

Dr April Reside from the University of Queensland (UQ) said drastic changes are needed to save species and protect habitat.

“Land clearing in Queensland is the highest that it has been in the last 10 years,” Dr Reside said.

“We have 95 threatened species of animal, 12 threatened species of plant that are impacted by land clearing.”

Dr Reside said practices such as thinning, where up to 75 per cent of vegetation in an area can be cleared, is regulated by the landowner.


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