March Tomorrow to Fix NSW

Tomorrow, over 70 environment groups of NSW will march to demonstrate our desire to conserve, protect and fix the NSW environment. We're looking for 3 volunteers to help carry Save The Trees And Animals Campaign banners.

Landmark legal win for climate and community

Chief Justice of the Land and Environment Court Brian Preston SC handed down his judgment today in a landmark case, refusing approval of a new coal mine to be built just outside of the town of Gloucester in the NSW Upper Hunter Valley.

Tell Us The Truth, Gladys!

Clear and Transparent Government? Since December 2016 the NSW  Government has been refusing to release the true facts on the estimated journey times and capacity of the light rail to support their wildly differing marketing claims. Why? We would like to invite you to the next directions hearing in the ongoing Sydney Light Rail freedom … Continue reading Tell Us The Truth, Gladys!

Open Letter to Federal Politicians

Dear Federal Politicians, State Premiers and Territory Ministers, Australians are sick and tired of you looking after yourselves and your mates, when you should be looking after running our country and preserving our environment for people living 1000’s of years from now.

Developer Harry Triguboff offering NSW millions for light rail extension to Pagewood project – Daily Telegraph

DEVELOPER Harry Triguboff is offering the Baird ­government tens of millions of dollars to extend the CBD-Eastern suburbs light rail out to Westfield Eastgardens, at Pagewood, where he is building a massive development.

Sydney Light Rail: Transport Minister Approves Compensation for Small Business.

To apply for compensation, please contact the Transport Minister directly by telephoning (02) 8574 5807

Light rail: Sleep-deprived Sydney residents give noisy workers the brush off – Daily Telegraph

WORKERS have been ordered to push old-fashioned brooms in place of driving noisy sweeper and vacuum trucks following complaints about late night work linked to the Sydney light rail.

Fears for wildlife during Sydney Light Rail construction – Southern Courier

A BABY brushtail possum nicknamed Scratch has become one of the faces of the fight to save trees earmarked for removal for Sydney’s light rail line. No animals or birds were rescued or relocated from the 40 mature trees chopped down on Alison Rd and Anzac Pde at Randwick, according to Transport for NSW.

‘Greedy’ Spanish contractors of the CBD to South East light rail want an extra $340 million for project – Daily Telegraph

THE Spanish contractor building the CBD to South East light rail project wants a whopping extra $340 million from the state government to finish the $2.1 billion project. And the government has so far countered with an offer less than $100 million, sources have confirmed to The Daily Telegraph.