Welcome! Save The Trees And Animals Campaign is dedicated to actively saving trees and animals. There are 1,500 trees under threat of being killed by the Berejiklian and Malcolm Turnbull Governments over 2017. We are protesting against the ongoing destruction of our heritage ANZAC memorial trees on ANZAC parade. We are trying to stop the handing over of our crown land to councils. This means that 41% of NSW is now up for sale!!

We are also trying to prevent the Liberal Berejiklian and Turnbull Governments Killing 8 million hectares of NSW Native Vegetation. We believe that the Killing of our native forest areas may cause the extinction of NSW’s Koalas Populations.

moreton-bayThese Trees Are In Danger Of Being Killed.

These animals and other threatened species are in danger of being Killed.

New Members and Volunteers needed to Save The Trees And Animals; To Assist With Stalls, Putting Up Posters, Handing Out Flyers, Emailing, Contacting Organisations,

Connecting up with like-minded people and many other tasks. It is a great experience to participate in actions to save our trees and animals, and we can all learn new ways of doing things. Individuals such as yourself may win this campaign just by turning up.

Please contact us as we would much appreciate your call. Please telephone the Save The Trees And Animals Campaign 02 8958 3783.


Call Premier Gladys Berejiklian – Telephone (02) 8574 5000

Call the Leader of the Opposition, Luke Foley (02) 9230 2310

Call and/or Meet your local MP All Contact Phone Numbers NSW Parliament.

Call Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (02) 6277 7700

Every call is registered, and every call counts.

Call Talkback Radio 2GB 131873

Call, write to TV, Radio, Newspapers and post online.

Please enrol in our volunteer list only to be notified of all future actions: Click Here

Join us at the Next Rally Sunday 6th August 2017 

Further Information: Telephone John Bellamy  (02) 8958 3783

Email: savethetreesandanimalscampign@gmail.com

Internet Site: www.savethetreesandanimalscampaign.com



BSB 082-001 ACCOUNT NUMBER 72-304-7240

Donations and Volunteers most welcome.

Contact Us Using The Form Below

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