An Open Letter to Lend Lease Chairman Michael J. Ullmer AO: Stop Killing Trees and Koalas Habitat for the Figtree Hill Development.


3 November 2021

Michael J. Ullmer AO, Chairman


Dear Mr Ullmer,

I am writing to you as I am upset about your Lend Lease’s plans to kill part of the Koalas habitat for the Figtree Hill development in Campbelltown, Sydney, Australia.

As you are no doubt aware, Koalas are likely to be extinct in New South Wales by 2050.

I acknowledge that you plan to keep a portion of the Koalas habitat and build some tunnels under Appin Road, but I do not understand why Lend Lease has to kill any trees for this development, or indeed any development anywhere.

Could you please explain why Lend Lease has to kill trees for this development?

A woman I spoke to in Campbelltown said “It’s as hot as Hades out here anyway and no one wants to live here, it’s a hole.”

I do not see how killing any more trees will improve the situation.

I respectfully request that you stop killing any more trees or other vegetation for this development and work with the government to turn the area into National Park. If you will not do this, could you please explain why not?

As you said in your interview with Narelle Hooper, editor in chief of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, following the Banking Royal Commission:

“Reflecting on history in the context of the debate about the purpose of the corporation and the primacy of shareholders, Ullmer says there’s economist Milton Friedman’s camp, which refers to the whole objective of corporations as the maximisation of profit for shareholders, and the likes of Lendlease founder Dick Dusseldorp.

“In 1972, [Dusseldorp] gave a speech talking about the need for companies to find a common interest that went beyond the bottom line profit to broader accountability to employees, to communities that the companies serve, and to the environment,” says Ullmer.
“That’s been part of the Lendlease ethos ever since. I think we’ve seen that play out through the role of the Royal Commission. If you don’t take those things into account, there is enormous damage to shareholder interests.”

Reference: magazine/2019-back-editions/march/michael-ullmer

I hope that your vision is more in line with Dick Dusseldorp’s speech rather than being in Milton Friedman’s camp. This would also reflect the Business Roundtable Purpose of the global corporations in the USA:

I sincerely hope that you and CEO Tony Lombardo will have a change of heart and save these beautiful trees and the entire habitat of the last healthy colony of Koalas in NSW

Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest opportunity. Yours sincerely,

John Bellamy
Save The Trees And Animals Campaign.Com

Email: Mobile: 0414 755 621
Telephone: +61 2 9565 4264

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