Open Letter to Federal Politicians


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Dear Federal Politicians, State Premiers and Territory Ministers,

Australians are sick and tired of you looking after yourselves and your mates, when you should be looking after running our country and preserving our environment for people living 1000’s of years from now.

The “Big Australia” policy, endorsed for different reasons by the Liberal Party, Labor Party, Greens, Unions, Banks, Infrastructure Companies, Property Industry etc. is killing Australia.

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At present, we are using our economy and population growth to destroy the future environments of Sydney, Melbourne and the bush.

We should be using our economy, and the global economy to save our trees and animals, stop population growth, stop pollution, and end poverty and homelessness.

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All of the ‘infrastructure’ you are building will just make the pollution, congestion and environmental destruction worse. Do you believe that we can sustain this infinite and perpetual population growth forever? How much is too much? Do you want us to be bigger than Tokyo, Delhi or Shanghai  How big is too big? We are already talking about water restrictions again in Sydney. How can we sustain this ‘growth’?

We are one of the very richest nations in the world. Source. yet there are hundreds of thousands of homeless people living in our streets, And 700,000 people living in sustained poverty.

This is an utter disgrace, when we are wasting billions of taxpayer money on unnecessary and polluting infrastructure like the Sydney Light Rail project, Sydney Metro and Westconnex, which all rely on massive immigration and property development for financial success. Just look at the hideous high-rise that will feed these “projects”, and you have a vision of what is to come.

In the bush its no better we are killing our scarce forests. Koalas will be extinct in our lifetime. (Again, for ‘development’ for immigration, immigration and the ‘big Australia’). Shame on all of you.


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Get your act together before it is too late. We could be a shining example to the rest of the world, instead we are acting like a pack of morons.

The clock is ticking ladies and gentlemen. No amount of money will ever buy the trees back. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Please, go home tonight and read The Lorax to your children. (You can buy it online for $9.25)

Please let us know if you have any ideas on how to save our country, our world, and future environment of your children, and people living here 100’s and 1000’s of years time from now. At least, let’s start talking about it.

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The big companies and Public Servants also have to do their fair share. (“We didn’t know”, “It’s not my fault” isn’t going to cut it anymore.)

Stephen Hawkins reckons we only have 100 years left., so let’s get cracking. We are smarter than this.

Yours sincerely,

John Bellamy

The Animal, Tree and Homeless Campaign

Mobile: 0414 755 621

Donations and volunteers welcome and wanted.

We need your help to help save our trees, animals and homeless.

To donate click here.


By Direct deposit to NAB Account:

Account Name: The Animal, Tree and Homeless Campaign

BSB: 082-001

Account Number: 72-304-7240

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