Stop NSW Government WASTING $2B Rebuilding SFS & Olympic Stadiums

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This is about more than just wasting $2 Billion on a stadium, but $10 Billion on light rail, $100 Billion on 18th Century transport solutions. Who benefits? Save the trees, stop the waste. Call Gladys Berejiklian 02 8574 5000 Call Luke Foley 02 9230 2310 Call 2GB 131873

We, the undersigned, respectfully call on the Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, and the NSW Cabinet, to reconsider their decision to knock down two perfectly fine sports stadiums – the Olympic Stadium and Sydney Football Stadium – at a staggering cost of $2Billion, to replace them with new ones, at a time when there is ZERO public demand to replace either.

We are tired of taxpayer dollars being lavished on building facilities for Sports Big Business, while community sport withers on the vine for lack of facilities and resources.

We, the undersigned concerned citizens of NSW, believe our money could be better spent with the likes of 100 X $10 million projects being funded across the state, so towns, suburbs and regions could see a thousand fields, pools, courts and arenas bloom, doing something for the wider people of NSW and not merely the tiny percentage involved in elite sport.

We believe some of the money could be used to lower registration fees for kids playing a variety of sports, to remove the obstacles that prevent so many from participating.

This would still allow nearly a billion dollars left over to refurbish the current stadiums, and put much-needed money into other community resources, like schools, hospitals, theatres, galleries, homeless shelters and the like.

Again, we say, Premier Berejiklian, please reconsider.

Thank you,

The Concerned Citizens of NSW

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Premier Gladys Berejiklian

Call Gladys Berejiklian 02 8574 5000

Call Luke Foley 02 9230 2310

Call 2GB 131873



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