NSW Liberal Government refuses to help sleep deprived residents.

Residents of Kensington in Sydney, NSW have been putting up with sleep deprivation since February due to ongoing noisy night works associated with the Sydney Light Rail construction.

Some nights, noise equivalent to the sound of jackhammering has continued on from 9pm at night until 6am in the morning. There are also huge potholes and bumps in ANZAC Parade, causing further noise and vibrations.

Today, when residents of Kensington called Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s office, to ask for alternate accommodation to be provided for nights when noisy work was occurring, the residents were told that there was nothing that her office could do to help.

Some of the residents are suffering severe mental health issues, there are elderly residents, parents with young children, and students studying for the HSC.

“How this government can be allowed to get away with this, is a bloody disgrace!” One resident said. “If this was happening outside Gladys Berejiklian’s house at 9pm at night, she’d have it shut down in an instant.”

The Save The Trees And Animals Campaign is encouraging anyone who is experiencing any noise disturbance from light rail night works to email SaveTheTreesAndAnimalsCampaign@gmail.com or telephone 02 8958 3783.

Residents are also being encouraged to call talkback radio.

Alan Jones from 2GB has been trying to get the government to help some of these residents, in the same way he has helped small businesses to get compensation from the government.

Talkback radio numbers are

2GB Telephone 131 873

2UE Telephone 13 1269

ABC Telephone 1300 222 702

People are also encouraged to call Premier Gladys Berejiklian Telephone 02 8574 5000 and opposition leader Luke Foley Telephone 02 9230 2310



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