Save The Trees and Animals Campaign views for the NSW Council Elections.

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The following press release is our belief without prejudice.

We are the “Save The Trees And Animals Campaign”,

We have been desperately trying to stop Sydney and Randwick Councils from killing our 150 year old street and park trees. So far we have failed. Approximately 600 trees have been murdered with the approval and support of the majority of the Randwick and Sydney councillors.

We call on all residents of Randwick, Sydney and all NSW council voters to vote to protect all street and park trees. We suggest voters should vote for our favourite 5 council candidates for Randwick.

1. Maria Bradley. (Independent)

2. Adnil Ramos. (Independent)

3. Andrew Roydhouse. (Independent)

4. Tony Bowen (Labor)

5. Kathy Neilson. (Labor)

We believe these candidates will stop the killing of street and park trees, stop weed spraying, and stop the killing of mynah birds, sparrows, pigeons, and all other animals and fish in their electorates.

In other NSW council elections we advise voters to vote to do the same. We also add that we would like councillors to be elected who support additional policies:-

Ban fishing, ban outdoor non-vegan BBQ’s, and ban all BBQ’s during the fire season. Ban outdoor smoking, ban small domestic bins, (i.e. have larger domestic bins instead.), ban junk mail, ban the tagging, mutilation, neutering, killing of all domestic, native and non-native wildlife. Ban the shooting, killing and maiming of all animals.

We support additional policies of council banning the purchase of Japanese or Indonesian products, cars, and ban sister-city status with Japan or Indonesia. Ban foreign language signs, ban non-vegan outdoor festivals. We would like to see councils fund free legal services, medical services, free dental services, free financial counselling services and have no more than 30 minute waits in hospital casualty.

We would like to see free veterinary and rehabilitation services for all wildlife native or non-native. We would have greater hygiene and less disease in our localities by fining smokers, spitters, and fining the public for overfilling bins. We need to have movement activated water taps in all public and shopping centre toilets which should be open 24 hours. We should have more foot activated water drinking fountains and compulsory foot activated public toilet flushing.

There should be free drug, alcohol and gambling rehabilitation services funded by local government. There should be free emergency housing provided in all local government areas funded by councils. Pensioners and unemployed household or vacant land holders should have half price rates. Councils should be forced to have surplus reserves. There should be more community chests in every council electorate with at least $100,00 available to assist struggling individuals with bills, food and rent. Vehicle drivers should be fined for having loud music, loud mufflers, and leaving cars running and headlights left on while parked.

Sincerely, Save The Trees And Animals Campaign.

Telephone: (02) 8958 3783

Mobile: 0414 755 621



Press Release Friday 8th September (3)

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