Oh What a Lovely March!

Thankyou SO much to everyone that came out today to make March in March such a wonderful success. It was such a pleasure and privilege to be present and March along with thousands of ordinary Australian’s marching for our quality of life, and the social, economic and environmental future of our country and generations to come.

March In March 2017 from Save The Trees And Animals Campa on Vimeo.

From Coal Seam Gas to Westconnex to the Light Rail. From Forced Dictatorship Council Amalgamations, to Parramatta Pool, The Powerhouse Museum, To The Land Titles Office, To Children in Detention, To an unsustainable, exponential population growth, propping up a property bubble, and poor infrastructure choices, No Taxes for The richest Companies, making the poor, elderly and disabled make up for the budget deficit. And destroying the very fabric of what it means to be Australian.

This government is not listening to the people.

Democracy is supposed to be government for the people, by the people. But this mob are doing government for the government, by the government, to the benefit of a select minority.

Unfortunately, ordinary Australians have had to take to the streets, yet again, to resort to ‘people power’ to ensure that these kinds of governments never get elected again.

Join the campaign. Take action for what you believe in, because “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.

Published by The Animal, Tree and Homeless Campaign

Our aim is to protect all the trees and animals of the world.

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