An Inspiring Start To 2017

Welcome to 2017. Happy New Year from Save The Trees And Animals A friend just told me about an interesting place in Italy Called Damanhur. “A laboratory for the future of humankind”

One of the things they do there is connect up plants to synthesizers to hear them sing. A quick search on the internet and I came across this lovely video: Seriya, Music of the Plants.

I’ve also been reading “The Hidden Lives of Trees” by Peter Wohlleben which is an intriguing journey into the social lives of trees, how they communicate, how they feel, and how their society works.

In 2017, humanity has a wonderful choice – to save all the trees and animals, and to stop polluting our beautiful earth. Happy New Year!

With Love,

John Bellamy
(02) 8958 3783
Convenor – Save The Trees And Animals Campaign.Com

Published by The Animal, Tree and Homeless Campaign

Our aim is to protect all the trees and animals of the world.

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