The Animal, Tree and Homeless Campaign.

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The Animal, Tree and

Homeless Campaign.

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The Following Is Our Belief Only Without Prejudice


Anzac Parade Sydney
An estimated 20 Military Memorial Trees will be killed
Anzac Military Plaque
Sydney Shade Trees_jason james
An estimated 1,545 Sydney Shade Trees will be killed
(Including Westconnex Trees)
Crowd | by James Cridland
An estimated 37 million customers will be lost to Sydney per year
Line of buses
Killing an estimated 2,000 Sydney Buses per day
big tree
War Tree
100 buildings to be demolished.
Shady trees_josh
People need shade.
Endangered Microbat (Scientific Name: Myotis Macropus )
The Hairy Little Hero Eats Mosquitoes
Habitat Of Endangered Species of Microbat
(Scientific Name: Myotis Macropus )
Australiasian Figbird_lip kee yap
Fig Bird Habitat To Be Destroyed
Centennial Park Before
Centennial Park After Clear-Felling
20150526 Girl and Moreton Bay Fig Tree 0016Dave Fimbres
Save Our Trees
World War I Soldiers marching down Anzac Parade.


Press Release Continued

“Save The Trees And Animals Campaign.Com”…

Is calling on ALL sections of Australian Business, Politicians, Military, Unions, and Individuals to assist us in stopping the NSW Liberal Party, and the Federal Liberal Party from killing an estimated 20 ANZAC War Trees, and an estimated 1,525 of Sydney’s Shade Trees. (Including Westconnex Trees). A further 44 ANZAC Military Trees and 674 Sydney Shade Trees could also die from construction.

We are also calling for the protection of approximately 2,000 buses which presently transport up to 37 million customer trips a year to the Sydney City.

John Bellamy:- spokesperson for Save The Trees And Animals Campaign.Com is also trying to protect the Centennial Park and Moore Park from the possible plan to build motels, sporting facilities, and extended car-parking in the parks. We believe these plans will desecrate and destroy these parks.

Quote from John Bellamy, spokesperson for Save The Trees And Animals Campaign.Com, “Sydney has recently become downgraded from number 7 to number 11 on the most liveable city. Melbourne is number (1) on most liveable city status, according The Economist. Some reasons for this is the lack of shade heating up Sydney streets.

“TREES add to the higher Quality Of Life, by making it an estimated 20 percent cooler in their shade, and providing Office Workers, Shoppers, Students, Elderly, and Children from being sunburnt or cooked alive.

The Berejiklian and Turnbull Liberal Governments are planning to turn hot Sydney into a sauna. This desert of baked concrete will kill Sydney’s Liveable City Status. We believe removing transport to potentially 100,000 shoppers per day will kill Sydney’s businesses as well.

The War Trees are a memorial to our fallen HEROES. We should not allow the Liberal Party to disrespect our soldiers and their descendants.”


Environmentalist Bob Brown, has called for a change of plan to save the threatened Anzac memorial fig trees on Sydney’s Anzac Parade. ‘Nearly a century old, these magnificent green giants are an essential feature of the idea of Sydney as a vibrant, green global city. Surely cars, not more of those remarkable trees, should be making way for the introduction of modern, pollution-free public transport.’

‘As global warming impacts with increasing ferocity on Sydney like all the world’s urban areas, the mature Anzac Parade figs planted by the people nearly 100 years ago should be celebrated rather than sacrificed,’ Brown said.

The Berejiklian and Turnbull Liberal Governments are planning to kill and mutilate trees in the following locations: ANZAC Parade, Sydney City, (Approximately 83 trees from 3rd January 2017) Alfred St, Circular Quay, Sydney City (Approximately 30 trees from 9th January, 2017)

Devonshire St and surrounds, Sydney City, (Approximately 240 trees from 23rd January, 2017) Eddy Avenue, Central Station and surrounds, Sydney City (Approximately 62 trees from 29th March, 2017) ANZAC Parade, Kingsford and Surrounds, (Approximately 77 Trees From May 2017) Sydney Park, Sydney City, (Approximately 827 trees)


It is believed up to 50,000 Aboriginal Artefacts have been destroyed by the NSW Liberal Government Light Rail Project. It is believed that it is possible that other Aboriginal sites may have been destroyed or will be destroyed by the NSW Liberal Light Rail Project. We are calling on the Federal Government and the ALP to block this light rail project. It is believed the project could instead use electric buses, and could be built in the Eastern Suburbs Railway Tunnel and save $5 billion.

We support any legislation that protects Aboriginal Artefacts. It is believed that this project should be cancelled above ground and put underground and to have electric buses to protect Aboriginal Culture and Artefacts of Sydney.

It is believed that The Federal Government and The NSW Government laws that protect Aboriginal Culture and Artefacts should be implemented immediately.


It is believed that the Light Rail Capacity will reduce visitors to Sydney City by 37 million visitors a year. An average visitor to Sydney spends an estimated $50 a visit. It is estimated that Sydney (City) Businesses could lose $2 billion a year in lost income. It is believed that this could create business closures and employment losses.


SOLVE TRAFFIC CONGESTION: Buses are flexible, light rail is not. We believe that cancelling the Sydney Light Rail project will save 200 trees (Some, 150-year-old), save endangered wildlife in the trees, save Aboriginal Artefacts, save shade for Sydney People, Save 37 Million customers that will be lost to Sydney per year, and save Sydney businesses.

Cancelling the Sydney Light Rail project, will also save parkland, shade tree amenity, for tourists, Sydneysiders and shoppers. It is believed that cancelling the Sydney Light Rail Project by having electric buses will save The NSW State and Federal Governments $5 Billion.

LATEST UPDATE: Friday 16th June, 2017.

Our Aim is to save Sydney’s Trees and save our disappearing shade, save our parks, and save $5 Billion by cancelling the Sydney Light Rail project, with an electric bus solution.

By employing the electric bus solution, and then finishing the Eastern Suburbs Underground Railway, it will stop the traffic jams in Sydney and free up traffic flow. A lot of the traffic problems in Melbourne are caused by trams. We believe as long as the idiot political parties are deliberately overcrowding our cities, bringing in 3,500 migrants a week, Sydney and Melbourne will suffer traffic jams from hell.

Our cities are horrendously overcrowded and the idiot Liberal Party’s solution is to waste $3 billion on an idiot Light Rail traffic jam. The solution is to cancel the project for flexible electric buses, vote for the state ALP.

Telephone for assistance and to assist us: Contact John Bellamy 02 8958 3783 or 0414 755 621



How YOU can help: Telephone Talkback Radio:

  • 2GB 131 873
  • 2SM 13 1269
  • ABC 1300 222 702
  • Telephone The Prime Minister (02) 6277 7700
  • Telephone The NSW Premier (02) 8574 5000
  • Tel. The Federal Labor Leader (02) 6277 4022
  • Tel. The NSW Labor Leader (02) 9230 2310


We believe the Sydney Light Rail project will:

  • Cause financial loss to Sydney businesses.
  • Cause Sydney job losses.
  • Kill another 200 trees (some, 150 year old).
  • Kill endangered wildlife in the trees.
  • Destroy Aboriginal Artefacts.
  • Destroy Shade for People.
  • Reduce 37 million Customer visits to Sydney per year.
  • Cost NSW $3 Billion

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OR: Donate to NAB Account: Save The Trees And Animals BSB: 082-001 Account Number: 72-304-7240

All enquiries telephone (02) 8958 3783

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