A most wonderful new book has been released today by Simon Hill called "The Proof Is In The Plants". Our health is in a crisis and so is our climate. What if there was a way of eating that may help us live healthier for longer and protect the future of our planet, too? The … Continue reading THE PROOF IS IN THE PLANTS

Reconfiguring Moore Park golf course to create more public land. Your say matters.

From The City of Sydney: When space at Moore Park was allocated for a golf course in 1913, the surrounding land was predominantly industrial. Moore Park now neighbours the Green Square urban renewal area, the densest residential community in Australia. We’d like your feedback on 2 potential options to create new parkland by reconfiguring the … Continue reading Reconfiguring Moore Park golf course to create more public land. Your say matters.

Processed meats need a closer look – Australian Medical Association. Photo from Plant Based News Processed meats need a closer look The time for compassionate action and leadership on this important issue by the Australian medical profession has arrived04 Aug 2017 OPINIONBy Dr Alphonse Roex and Dr Heleen Roex-Haitjema In October 2015, the authoritative International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) confirmed that processed … Continue reading Processed meats need a closer look – Australian Medical Association.

Fears for wildlife during Sydney Light Rail construction – Southern Courier

A BABY brushtail possum nicknamed Scratch has become one of the faces of the fight to save trees earmarked for removal for Sydney’s light rail line.
No animals or birds were rescued or relocated from the 40 mature trees chopped down on Alison Rd and Anzac Pde at Randwick, according to Transport for NSW.

Land clearing rates in Queensland on par with Brazil, new study finds – ABC

The Animal, Tree And Homeless Campaign.


Queensland has been rated as a “contemporary hot spot” for land clearing and is on par with places like Brazil, a new study has found.

The paper published today has found the parts of Queensland that have been cleared the most in the past, are also being cleared the most now.

Remote areas including the Cape York Peninsula are also being cleared.

Dr April Reside from the University of Queensland (UQ) said drastic changes are needed to save species and protect habitat.

“Land clearing in Queensland is the highest that it has been in the last 10 years,” Dr Reside said.

“We have 95 threatened species of animal, 12 threatened species of plant that are impacted by land clearing.”

Dr Reside said practices such as thinning, where up to 75 per cent of vegetation in an area can be cleared, is regulated by the landowner.


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